1.  What is the “Dolphin Dash” and does every student participate?

a.  The “Dolphin Dash” is a student Fun Run and the Dry Creek Elementary PTCO’s (DCEPTCO) largest fundraiser for the 2018-2019 school year.

b. Yes, every student at Dry Creek Elementary School participates in the fun run on September 14th, 2018, from 8:15-9:30 a.m.

2.  Where do I register my student?

a.  You can register your student by going to and clicking on the “Dolphin Dash 2018” logo.

3.  I’ve registered my student, what’s next?

a.  Firstly, THANK YOU!  Your student’s active participation means a great deal to us.

b.  Next, share the individualized student page that was created during registration with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. and give them an opportunity to donate money to DCEPTCO on behalf of your child.

4.  What is the DCEPTCO raising funds for?

a.  DCEPTCO is raising funds to cover the gaps between state and local funding (taxes, bonds, etc.) and costs that keep Dry Creek Elementary a top tier school in the State of Colorado.  These costs include technology purchases, classroom supplies, and teaching assistants.  More can be learned at

5.  How much is the “Dolphin Dash” looking to raise?

a.  Our goal this year is to raise $40,000 NET (total funds raised, minus operating costs).  More would be fantastic!

6.  Are total donations based per lap?  Or is a flat donation?

a.  All donations received are flat donations and are not lap based.  The number of laps each student runs does not factor into the total donation amount received on behalf of the student.  We feel this is a better approach to previous years’ because there are no surprises for the donor at the end of the fundraising period.  The amount they choose donate is the amount they will pay for.

b.  Credit cards, checks and cash are accepted.  Checks should be made out to “Dry Creek PTCO” and brought with the student’s name on the memo line to the front office or the student’s teacher to be collected.  Credit card donations do have a convenience fee with an optional payment by the donor.

7.  Are you using an outside organization to help run the event?

a.  No.  The event this year is being 100% coordinated by former DCEPTCO Board Members, Jackie and Jason Honeyfield.  The reason for this is so that the DCEPTCO could ensure a larger percentage of donated funds be received by the school.  Minus some event supply expenses and credit card processing fees, all the funds donated will be going back to the school.  We are anticipating this to be somewhere in the realm of 85%-90% of all funds raised going back to the school.  For reference, previous years’ events took in approx. 50% of funds donated.

8.  Are there any costs for my student to participate?

a.  No.  Registration is FREE.  All we ask of the student, and yourself, is to promote your student’s donation page once registered.

9.  Do you have any sponsors to help with costs?

a.  We’ve brought in several amazing local sponsors, which can be located on the DCEPTCO website (  We encourage everyone to check them out and thank them for their support of DCEPTCO and the students of Dry Creek Elementary.

10.  Are you accepting more sponsors?

a.  YES!  If you have a sponsor in mind that would be able to donate money or materials (incentive items, experiences, etc.) for the event, please have them contact

11.  What is the theme of the “Dolphin Dash”?

a.  This year’s theme is based on “How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids”, by Mary Reckmeyer and Tom Rath.  We are tying this concept into the Dry Creek Elementary theme of Dolphin PRIDE.

12.  How does the “Dolphin Dash” work?

a.  On August 27th, the DCEPTCO will be holding a school assembly to explain these details to the students.

b.  During the week of September 10th-14th the teachers of Dry Creek Elementary will encourage student participation and involvement with specific classroom-based goals that will allow the students to show examples of Dolphin PRIDE.

c.  Registered students have an opportunity to raise funds and are rewarded with incentives as they hit specific dollar milestones.  We’ve tried to make these incentives worthwhile for all students, parents, and teachers.

d.  Each day during the week students that have reached their milestones will be given their incentives to take home with them, so they can share their accomplishments with others.

e.  On September 14th, between 8:15 AM and 9:30 AM, the students will be able to run in the small race course and try to complete the 35 laps (~1.5 miles for K-2 and ~2 miles for 3-5) over a 30-minute period. 

f.  There will be 2 separate race courses for Grades K-2 and 3-5, with silly string, bubbles, and water tents.

g.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to cheer their students on!

13.  Are there any special clothes or colors that need to be worn on race day?

a.  EACH student will receive a “Dolphin Dash” event t-shirt to wear the day of the event, whether they have registered or not.  These shirts will be lightly marked up with colored inks during the event but can be washed and kept for each student to wear and cherish for years to come.

14.  I donated via cash or check.  Can I get a receipt for my tax deductible contribution?

a.  Yes.  Please contact us at to request your donation receipt.  When emailing, please provide the donation amount and the name of the child you supported so that we can validate against our records.  Once confirmed we will email you a receipt.